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Crescent Cool MD
Cool Pack

Great Cooling Method for Hyperthermia:
Perfectly fits the body areas to cool effectively

Product features


Crescent shape with a thickness of around 5cm

Crescent shape contacts with much larger area of curved body part such as neck, armpit and groin.

It maximizes cooling function

It enables long duration (5-6hours)

Product feature  1

The benefit of Crescent Shape

Since the Crescent shape contacts with much larger area of a curved body part, the cooling effect is greatly increased. Also it can hold a certain amount of gel coolant to enable a long duration of cooling effect: 5-6 hours under normal room temperature.

Product feature  2

Maintain comfort during use

The pack keeps the original shape even when it’s pressured thanks to our Gummi-gel formulation. Gummi-gel doesn’t freeze and keeps a gummy like hardness, which supports the patient’s body comfortably.

Product feature  3

Safety proven gel

The safety of the gel materials has been confirmed by the tests below:

Acute oral toxicity test

Skin irritation test

Eye irritation test


Crescent Cool MD 
270 X 225 milli-meters,850 grams
※Gel pack and cover with belt

Our unique Gummi-gel formulation enabled us to develop this thick, crescent shaped cool pack. If the gel was a common cooling gel, the product would have been just flat and thin crescent pack. Needless to say, the thickness contributes to its duration and comfortableness during use.


For neck


For arm-pit


For groin

How to use

Chill the Crescent Cool MD in a freezer for several hours.

Take it out and check the pack to make sure that it has no damage.

Put the pack into the cover.

Apply carefully onto the body. If it is too cold to apply directly onto the skin, wrap the pack in cloth to avoid frostbite.

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