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business and technologies

We are an OEM/ODM company

for your unique heating & cooling products

Our Strategy


What we do

Develop products to meet customer’s demands, using our unique formulation and original shape
Discuss with the customers to find out a product design with the best cost performance
Manufacture products at the factory with PMDA and ISO 9001 certification in Japan.

※PMDA: Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency

Advanced Thermal Control System

Our technologies realize unique products for your temperature and texture demands

Original formulation





Original shape: 40 mm X 75 mm to 200 mm X 300 mm、20 g to 1,000 g

Temperature: - 23 deg. C to + 38 deg. C.   Duration: 30 minutes to 8 hours (depending on its size and conditions of use)

You can select a gel color and print  your company logo on the pack.

Product applications for medical use

Hot: Pain relief, relief of muscle spasms, relief of muscle cramps caused by CNS paralysis, reduction of local edema, improvement of blood circulation

Cold: Reduction of inflammation, reduction or relief of muscle spasms, pain relief, vasoconstriction, relief of migraine, reduction of fever, reduction of local edema

Where are these medical devices used?

NCU, ICU, hospitals/clinics for dialysis, chemotherapy, rehabilitation, chiro or acupuncture, orthopedic departments, gynecology departments, hospices, schools, elderly care homes

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