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Lasting Hot MD
Ready-to-use Heat Pack
Product features


Ready in a towel warmer cabinet

High-barrier designed to enable easy preparation in a hot towel warmer cabinet.
You don’t need to boil and wipe off water, but just take it out and apply.

Product feature  1

The benefit of high-barrier design

The Lasting Hot MD can be kept in a towel warmer for 24 hours ready to be used for its high-barrier design.

Product feature  2

Long lasting formulation

The Lasting Hot MD is designed to last for 3-4 hours and to reduce work of replacing the pack during dialysis/drip.

Product feature  3

Safety proven gel

The safety of the gel materials has been confirmed by the tests below:

Acute oral toxicity test

Skin irritation test

Eye irritation test

The film comes with antibacterial finish.

How to use

Heat the Lasting Hot MD in a towel warmer cabinet for several hours.

Take it out and check the pack to make sure that it has no damage.

Insert the pack into the original cover.

Apply carefully onto the body. If it is too hot to apply directly onto skin, use some cloth between the pack and body to prevent the skin from getting burnt.

After use, take the pack out of the  cover and return it into the towel  warmer cabinet.

Ready to Use, Long Lasting Pain Relief
for dialysis or intravenous therapy



180 X 260 mm / 700 grams

barrierhot_half .jpg
For forearm.jpg

For forearm


110 X 260 milli-meters / 300 grams



2 original packs, double pockets cover.

180 X 260 milli-meters / 700 grams

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