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Cushy Hot MD
Cozy-fitting pad

Hot and Relaxing, Chronic Pain Relief:
Wrap your body with soft gel cushion

Product features


Crashed Gummi-gel

Our unique crashed Gummi-gel doesn’t become liquid when heated and doesn’t move much inside of the pack regardless of its angle. The pack keeps even thickness so that it provides even heat over the applied area.

Product feature  1

The benefit of Crushed


The gel doesn’t move much inside of the pack so the pack retains an even thickness. This means the product can provide even heat regardless of the angle of pack, while supporting the injured area gently.

Product feature  2

Comfortable texture

The Crushed Gummi-gel pack provides a cozy, cushy feeling with its comfortable weight, which contributes to relaxing your tense muscle and your nerve.

Product feature  3

Safety proven gel

The safety of the gel materials has been confirmed by the tests below:

Acute oral toxicity test

Skin irritation test

Eye irritation test

How to use

Heat the Cushy Hot MD in a hot bath at 65-80 ℃ for around 10-25 minutes.

Take it out and wipe water off. Check the pack to make sure that it has no damage.

Cover your body in a towel and carefully apply the pack onto the towel.

Warm the body part for around 20 minutes.

Cushy Hot MD.jpg


400 X 180 milli-meters / 450 grams


For neck / elbow

For knee



430 X 225 milli-meters / 750 grams


For neck and shoulder

For back



450 X 280 milli-meters / 1,300 grams


For back

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