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Cool Cylinder Pack for Finger

First Aid Measures for Sports Injuries:
Provide ideal cold and support

Product features


Cylindrical Shape

Unique cylindrical shape fits finger instantly.

Product feature  1

The benefit of a cylindrical shape

The cylinder pack can be applied onto your finger quickly and provide coldness while supporting the injured finger firmly. You can easily keep your finger above the level of your heart.

Product feature  2

Soft texture and appropriate coldness

Gel doesn’t freeze and remains comfortably soft and cold.

Product feature  3

Safety proven gel

The safety of the gel materials has been confirmed by the tests below:

Acute oral toxicity test
Skin irritation test
Eye irritation test



30 φ X 80 milli-meters / 30 grams


For child injuries such as sprain or burn

How to use

Chill the ICEING-FIT MD in a freezer for several hours.

Take it out and check the pack to make sure that it is appropriate cold and has no damage.

Wrap your injured finger with gauze to adjust the temperature and carefully apply the cylinder pack.

Raise your hand above the level of your heart in case of sprain.

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