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Marshmallow Cool MD
Super-soft Cool Pack

Super-soft and Stretchy Pack

for Sensitive Care:
Cool your skin with marshmallow gel

Product features


Super-soft gel pack

The combination of a super-soft gel pouch and the super-soft gel contents has realized this unique cool, stretchy pack, which is as soft as baby’s bottom.


Hardness test standard :

JIS K-6253, type E

Product feature  1

The benefit of Super-soft Pack

It can be applied onto any sensitive area of your body such as the breast, or onto patients receiving dialysis treatment. It fits well with a soft, comfortable feeling.

Product feature  2

Appropriate cool

The gel and the pouch don’t freeze and provide appropriate coolness for 30 minutes.

Product feature  3

Marshmallow Cool M​D

100 X 200 milli-meters / 400 grams


For sprain

ー A treatment for mastitis

ー To reduce terebrant pain for dialysis

How to use

Chill the Marshmallow Cool MD in a freezer for several hours.
Take it out and check the pack to make sure that it has no damage.
Apply carefully onto the body. If it is little too cold to apply directly onto skin, wait for minutes until it becomes an appropriate temperature.

Safety proven gel

The safety of the gel materials has been confirmed by the tests below:

Acute oral toxicity test

Skin irritation test

Eye irritation test

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